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  • Radon Solutions, LLC will install a Radon fan with a 5 year parts and labor warranty.

    • Mitigation system will have a lifetime warranty unless damaged by others or mother nature. All materials and workmanship are guaranteed for the life of the property as long as no structural changes are made and are transferable from owner to owner with no additional charges. Not responsible for noise issues from high water table or condensation on pipe
    • The system will have proper fire collars and all installs are up to local building code.
    •Seal the sump pit where applicable.

    Sump Pit Awareness:

    Radon Solutions is required by Iowa/Illinois radon codes to seal the sump pit and is not responsible for any/or all water damage resulting from back up from sewer drain and/or flooding.

    With our radon systems we install lids on sump pits so that any moisture in the sump pit should continue to be monitored as is the case with any sump pit. We don’t do anything to limit the functionality of the sump. With any sump pit it can be helpful to keep a flashlight next to the pit and make a habit of checking it often, especially in times of heavy precipitation. At times, sump pumps can fail or the float can “catch” on the side of the pit and stop working. As with any sump, it is critical that the homeowner be aware of the moisture in the pit and call a plumber immediately if homeowner senses that water levels could breach the pit. Radon Solutions assumes no liability for sump overflow issues.

    By accepting this estimate you acknowledge that you have read and understand the Sum Pit Awareness Statement.

    • All work will be performed in accordance with the State of Iowa and State of Illinois guidelines. If in Illinois, the $50 radon mitigation tag is included.
    • When the radon system install has been completed, a test kit will be provided to check the performance of the system.
    • Guaranteed to get the radon level to 3.9 pCi/L or below.
    • This system has been designed to be maintenance free.
    • The yearly estimated cost to operate the fan is $40.00-$50.00.

    Radon Solutions, LLC requires that the structure be ventilated by opening all operational windows during and after the installation process, weather permitting, to minimize worker exposure to radon gas and protect occupants from chemicals associated with glues, cleaners, and sealants used during the install process.
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