Whether it’s your home, your office, or both, Radon Solutions has your solution.  Our trained professionals will work with you every step of the way to deliver a high quality system to address your radon problem and restore your peace of mind.

Radon Solutions provides high quality active soil depressurization systems that are guaranteed to reduce elevated radon levels. Should a radon mitigation system be needed, we will custom design a system based on the building characteristics of each individual home/building.

The best practice for radon mitigation is active sub-slab depressurization. The goal is to capture and contain the radon before it enters the living space, then force the gas out of the home.

Here are the basic steps for creating an active sub-slab depressurization system to remove radon from the home:

  • Install one or more perforated suction pipes in a layer of gravel beneath the slab. These pipes will collect the radon from the soil.
  • Connect these suction pipes to one solid piece of pipe that extends from below the slab up through the roof. This pipe is used to carry the radon from the sub-slab out through the top of the home where it can be diluted in the atmosphere.
  • Connect a radon vent fan to the suction pipe, usually in the attic. This fan will make the sub-slab depressurization “active” and will force the radon from the home.

Section 11.1 of the EPA Radon Mitigation Standards States:

The contractor shall conduct a thorough visual inspection of the building prior to initiating any radon mitigation work. The inspection is intended to identify building characteristics and configurations (e.g. large cracks in slabs, exposed earth in crawl spaces, open stairways to basements) and operational conditions (e.g. continuously running HVAC systems or operational windows) that might affect the design, installation and effectiveness of radon mitigation systems. As part of this inspection, clients should be asked to provide any available information on the building (e.g. construction specifications, pictures, drawings, etc.) that might be of value in determining the radon mitigation strategy.

In the past, builders have relied on simple caulking to seal the foundation, passive vent pipes, and natural ventilation to reduce radon in the home. These methods can’t offer the same level of effectiveness as an active sub-slab depressurization system. Because of the health risks involved, builders should take an aggressive approach to radon mitigation by using the best practice of active sub-slab depressurization.


Radon Solutions believes that any system should look as good as it performs.  Our trained professionals take pride their work and pay attention to every detail.

Take a look at the example photos below to see how one of our professionally installed systems might look on your home.

Radon Solutions
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For over 20 years, RadonAway has been a pioneer of the radon industry and the leading manufacturer of radon fans and radon in water aeration systems.

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